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We often meet regular people from the non-tech industry with great app ideas that could easily be better “unicorns” than Snapchat, Uber or Facebook. We are living great times in which you can be the next Twitter or Instagram owner. What are you waiting for?


A showcase of our apps

Nowadays almost everybody knows a guy that knows a guy that does software programming. When building apps, it is not just about developing the app but building a business and a brand around it. Investors are buying the entire concept, not just the code.


Our magic

We build apps from the business development side not as coders but as brand strategists.

This means that our tech power comes from a sense of brand understanding and not from a software development point of view. Our highly experienced teams of programmers are committed to supporting the strategists’ madness and not vice-versa.

App Strategy

The idea is essential, but we need to project it into reality first.

Business modelling

Why should you do an app? What is the business model that will back this up?

App branding

We only do apps that make sense for the consumer. Does it help someone to have a better life?

User eXperience

Why so many clients think this is not important? It is!

Native Development

The more reliable and way more efficient way to build apps.

Launching and traction

A good app is that with users and revenue. Both.


We've partnered up with

We only work with clients that trust us. We are a relationship building agency. If we don’t get along, we will not work together no matter the budget.


We are honored

These testimonials are not for you to trust us more. They’re for us to remember that we are appreciated and that our work helped, improved our client’s businesses.


These are the phases we'll work on

No project is the same, so even if the following steps have sense from a project management point of view they need to be adapted to each idea.

App Inception



App Creative tools

Design & development

Beta testing

App Launch

App Marketing

Investors persuasion

App evolution


Let's start an app together!

You need to act. Stop talking, stop imagining, stop overthinking. Let’s do this! Let’s break the ice and fish out that app of yours.



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